About Us

Pacton Global was founded and is inbred with the philosophy “Know-how is indispensable”. Our mission is to drive our clients to their success goals by thoroughly understanding their requirements, aligning those requirements to formulate strategies encompassing financial planning, and implementing the strategically designed and developed technologies to meet the end goals. We understand that all the functions of business are multifaced and deeply intertwined and thus need holistic approach.



Cross-continental businesses demands global reach and integrated technology. With the advancement in social media and reduced cost of technology, small businesses are in the same playground as major corporations for customer reach.  We have developed a pioneering model for global pool of knowledge and service collaboration to deliver advanced outcomes.



Since our inception in November 12, 2013,  Pacton Global has been assuming the role of Strategic Partner to businesses.  We work with global perspective for growth while being well-equipped with the understanding of local businesses and industry demands.  Technologically, we have insights of the industry-specific global advancements.

We perfectly pursue perfection. Delivering integrated   Developing, deploying and maintaining are the key attributes of our project delivery.  Our focus is to remain within specified industries and deliver utmost perfected craft.  Areas of expertise include integrated security, automation, and analytics.



Pacton Global, Inc. is network of independent audit, tax, and IT consulting firms. The member firms collaborate to provide services to global clients, but are separate and distinct legal entities which cannot obligate each other. Each member firm is responsible only for its own acts and omissions, and not for those of any other party.

Executive Leadership

Eddin Ansari

Chairman & CEO of Pacton Global, Inc.
Since 2013


Mirza Baig

Chairman of Pacton Global, Inc. Canada
Since 2013

Syed Muqeet

Chairman & Chief Info. Security Officer
of Pacton Global, Inc. Asia
Since 2013


Jason Teper

Vice President, Manufacturing Business Unit
Since 2017


Durga Satish

Chief Financial Officer
Since 2017


Carlos Molina

Sr. Vice President, Head – Marketing & Sales
Since 2015