Integrating financial planning & technology for optimization.

Effective information technology platforms can impact energy efficiency program delivery significantly by providing timely, accurate data that can be used for program management and regulatory requirements, among others.

Enhanced regulatory reporting
Predictive Systems
Modeling and Simulations

Energy Efficiency Programs

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  • A robust information technology platform play a significant role in a utility’s success in delivering cost-effective energy efficiency program portfolios.
  • Help Utilities amass a huge amount of data on their energy efficiency portfolios. This data is verified, analyzed, combined and mined to report on the success of the programs to regulatory bodies and to aid in program design, management and evaluation.

Regulatory Requirements

  • An information technology infrastructure that support numerous regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Data analytics that outline for each program the expected costs, benefits, participants, impact on peak-load reduction and non energy benefits. The information technology system that track, compare and report performance against the filed energy efficiency plan.
  • Support user-defined data queries and analytics. A focus on data quality . Tools to ensure accurate data entry and maintenance, along with storing the source of the data for future reference.
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Program Design, Management & Evaluation

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  • Enhance the design of energy efficiency programs and reduce portfolio costs.
  • An effective information technology system that provide the data analytics on program performance at a detailed energy efficiency measure level. This enables program managers to evaluate program effectiveness.
  • An information technology system that supports program managers’ adjusting variables easily in a program design helps reduce program costs.
  • Information technology system that provides for easy, timely access to information. Program managers with access to timely data on the performance of programs can adjust programs midcourse to achieve savings, participation or cost objectives.
  • A robust information technology system that can provide contractor performance data and support active contractor management. Many information technology systems support seamless data flow directly from the contractor at the job site to the information technology system. This streamlines the process, reduces costs, increases data accuracy and supports timely data analysis.